We spend a lot of time in our vehicles. Naturally, dirt, germs, crumbs, and overall grime build up over time, and going through the car wash can’t just send it all down the drain (though wouldn’t that be nice?). No, it takes some time and effort to get the interior clean.

Giving your vehicle a good vacuuming is a good start, but what about all the dirt you can’t see? Think about all the surfaces you touch while you’re eating food from the drive-thru, or after you’ve filled up the gas tank, sweated at the gym, been to the park, or visited your kids’ school? Yeah…you might want to scrub up once in a while.

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When you’re ready to do a deep clean, focus on high-touch areas, including:

  • Exterior driver side door handle
  • Steering wheel — including buttons
  • Center console — outside only
  • Gear selector (dial/handle)
  • Radio/HVAC areas
  • Touchscreen
  • Start/Stop button
  • Driver door armrest and center console
  • Window/Seat/Mirror controls
  • Rear view mirror
  • Seatbelt buckle & anchor
  • Key fob

Did you know that some cleaners aren’t good for vehicle surfaces? Here’s a quick list of select disinfectants that are approved by the CDC and are acceptable for the interior/exterior surfaces of vehicles. 



Getting your car clean will take a little extra work on your part, but the clean feeling and extended life for your vehicle will make it well worth your time.

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