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Why Ford Collision Parts

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It’s never convenient to find yourself dealing with the aftermath of an automobile accident, but one thing every Ford owner in Hudson, IA must do after facing such a dilemma is figure out the best way to go about making repairs. Drivers should keep their Ford a Ford by using original manufacturer parts for collision repair.

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How to Care for Your Ford Vehicle’s Tires

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Ford tires can be the sort of thing that drivers in and around Hudson, IA take for granted, but the quality and condition of those tires have a lot to do with the safety one can enjoy when behind the wheel of a Ford vehicle. That’s why it’s so important to take good care of those tires, and here at Bill Colwell Ford, we’d like to offer the following advice to help make sure that’s exactly what happens with you and your Ford truck, SUV, or car.

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Improving Your Ford Windshield Wiper Performance

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All things considered, having a windshield wiper or two replaced is one of the more affordable items we can help with at the Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center located at Bill Colwell Ford, but that doesn’t mean drivers are interested in purchasing new ones every two weeks. There are some things drivers can do to keep their wipers healthy and make the most of their performance, and we’d like to spell them out for our Hudson Ford drivers:

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Does My Ford Vehicle Need a New Cabin Air Filter?

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Here in Hudson, IA, we love the time of year when we can roll down the windows or drop the top on our Ford vehicles and enjoy the fresh air, but for those seasons in which the windows must remain up, we still need to make sure that we’re keeping the air in our cars, trucks, and SUVs free of contaminants by changing out the air cabin filter when recommended. Obviously, our Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center at Bill Colwell Ford can help with this, but it’s important to know when that air filter needs a change.

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Top 10 Gift Ideas for Drivers

Need a gift for someone you care about? Give them something they can actually use: worry-free car maintenance!500 × 333
Gift certificates for Bill Colwell Ford and the Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center are perfect for everything from normal vehicle maintenance to special goodies, like:
  • oil changes
  • detail services
  • vehicle accessories (installation or carry-out) 
  • and more!
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Adding Ford Accessories for Vehicles in Hudson, IA

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The chances are very good that when you bought your new Ford vehicle, you fell in love with it just the way it is. However, one of the nice things about Ford is a brand is that you can always add more aesthetic, technical, and performance-based flourishes after bringing the vehicle home, and your Hudson Ford service experts here at Bill Colwell Ford can help make sure those aftermarket additions get installed properly.

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Car Emergency Kit Essentials in Hudson, IA

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Are you looking for a “Ford dealership near me” in Hudson, IA? Bring your search to Bill Colwell Ford where you can find a well-stocked inventory of new and previously owned Ford cars. Whether you purchase or own a new Ford sedan or used Ford SUV, it’s important to prepare an emergency kit for your vehicle. Prepare for the unexpected with these car emergency supply essentials. 

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